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The blog of Citrus Dental Care, your NHS Dentist in Edinburgh

Updated: May 6, 2021


At Citrus we do things differently, we ask every patient who registers with us online to feed back to us about their experiences. We know that we are not perfect but are getting better with every day that passes thanks to the feedback from our patients. We believe that dentists should be open and upfront about your treatment, the costs involved and what you can expect. We also believe that that your care should be thorough and more importantly comfortable. In our most recent survey results 95% of our patients though that we had carried out a thorough examination. 96% of patients described their treatment as largely pain free and comfortable. We continue to welcome new patients, at current rates we will have spaces for new members for just a few more months so why not become a member and reserve space for you and your family today. We are currently planning and hope to add an additional surgery soon to allow us to continue to grow and welcome new patients.


Earlier in the year I wrote that to keep up with demand, Citrus was growing. At long last we now have our second state of the art dental surgery up and running. Iain Swan the full time dentist in our Edinburgh Dental Practice is joined by Maria Ertz and Martynas Ziskas. Together they provide full time care in the second treatment room and we hope very soon to be able to add a third. Citrus Dentistry is about people so we try very hard ot make sure that you see the same dentist at every visit. We are working flat out to make sure that we have lots of available appointments so that we can continue to welcome new patients who wish to join us and register with an NHS Dentist in Edinburgh. At the moment our dental list has around 400 spaces available, so to reserve NHS Dental Practice memebrship just visit our on line reservation web site.


Traditionally it has been thought of as a very difficult pass time to find a dentist in Edinburgh who is registering new patients. The great new is that we are still Registering NHS Patients of all ages. Since we opened our doors last December we have been steadily growing in size and so as our first birthday approaches we are delighted to say hello to Dr Maria Ertz who is coming to Citrus Dental care to allow us to care for our ever growing band of patients. Maria has recently joined the team one day a week for now and is already building up a steady following of patients. She will be adding more days to her schedule as soon as our all new singing and dancing surgery complete. On that very subject, all of the permissions are in place, and the builders are hard at work as I write. We hope to have the new state of the art surgery up and running in the next week or two so that we can continue to see patients both old and new, we are now even able to register you on line. Watch this space for more news as our team grows......

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