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New Private Patients

New patient appointment includes the following;

Discussion about your needs 

Extensive assessment of teeth, gums, jaw and bite

Bespoke treatment planning and advice to keep your mouth healthy

X-Rays & Oral cancer screening

All for £57

20 minutes appointment

NEW NHS Patients Registrations

Examinations are free under the National Health Service for everyone so there is no charge to attend for a check up.

Please speak with our reception team to enquire about registration.

If you are under 26 years of age you are entitled to free NHS dental care. If you are over 26 years you may also be exempt from payment charges depending on your individual circumstances. Please ask our receptionist for details when you contact the practice.

Feeling the pinch?

During these uncertain times we appreciate any additional costs can be worrying. At Citrus Dental Care we have 2 Membership Plans - with level  1 starting from £20.50 per month.

This includes:

  • 2 oral health assessments.

  • 2 hygiene appointments.

  • all small radiographs, routine oral cancer screening

  • 20% discount on standard treatments, and more...


Dental Membership

Starting from £20.50 per month 

Your First Visit

Your First Visit


During your first visit you will be introduced to one of the dentists who will be interested to know your reasons for attending the practice, and will ask for a short dental history.


The dentist will then examine your mouth to determine the health of the teeth and tissues. This will involve checking lips, tongue, cheeks, roof and floor of your mouth. Patients are asked about any previous pain or sensitivity from their teeth and gums. Once the dentist has completed your examination the findings will be discussed with you.

Treatment Options

If the dentist feels that treatment is required an explanation is given followed by a discussion of options. You will be given a written treatment plan and an estimate for you to consider. Our receptionist will be happy to offer you an appointment should you wish to proceed.

Practice Policies

The Practice has a number of policies to ensure that we provide the best possible care for our patients. All patient information is processed in line with the GDPR policy, and is treated with the strictest confidence. Please note that if you cannot attend an appointment, we ask that you let us know at least 24 hours in advance. If patients fails to attend on their appointments or cancel on late notice the practice has the right to charge them.


Translation Services

We can arrange interpreting services if you feel that communication will not be adequate and effective.


If you have any questions about NHS dental provision at the area please call NHS Lothian at 0131 537 8444.

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